Sunday, April 5, 2009

Comment on Narendra Modi

Link courtesy Karthik Shekhar.
As John Maynard Keynes said, we’ll all be dead, but memory lives, and the future will ask questions which may not be popular today. Is Gujarat India’s China, seeking to substitute Chinese ruthlessness for Indian deliberative democracy? What of justice for marginals and minorities and for all the opposition that paid the price for dissent? Dissent is a precious way of life. If Gujarat were measured in terms of a dissenters’ index, it would rank abysmally low. If competence were evaluated in terms of diversity, well-being and value maintenance, we’ve already lost the battle.

Modi’s Gujarat is a future urban nightmare. On ecology, health and welfare, Modi shows little competence. Privatising health is no way to well-being. Creating education as a business is no guarantee of quality. As a master of methodology, Modi is all technique and speed, without vision.

Such is the power of words. Makes you contemplate and wonder.

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