Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blasts in Mumbai again.. Leaders silent

Terror strikes Mumbai again. I am feeling so close to the Naseeruddin Shah in "A Wednesday". It is at times like these that people look up to their leaders with hopeful eyes, people that they have chosen and elected from many. We choose our leaders so that they protect us from harm, comfort us when we are tense, inspire us when we are downcast, calm us down when we are hyperventilating and fight for us when we are attacked.
At times like the present, a strong message from our leaders to these terror outfits, telling them that there shall be no rest till we have exterminated these parasites from our land and that we should not panic would have really brought a little belief and strength in the our minds which are right now wondering that - till when is all this going to keep happening to us. The answer is right there - till we let it happen. Till we don't send a strong message out there that nobody can do this to us and get away with it.
Update: The PM has just addressed the nation and told us to be calm and harmony so that these terrorists do not succeed in their nefarious design.
WTF! No mention of defeating them and prevention of further such activities. Few sons of bitches are killing my countrymen out there like dogs and I'm supposed to remain calm. Shouldn't I look up to my leaders for seeking revenge and protecting us.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sati still happens..

Its shameful to know that even after so many years of education and women empowerment, sati is still occurring in parts of our country. Who is blame for all this?
Renuka Narayan points out the guilty in this article that she wrote for Hindustan Times.
While reading through the article on Wiki, I came across this.
Apparently, Brahmin scholars of the second millennium justified the practice and it was lauded by them as required conduct in righteous women, and it was explained that this was considered not to be suicide. It was deemed an act of peerless piety, and was said to purge the couple of all accumulated sin, guarantee their salvation and ensure their reunion in the afterlife. The height of fundamentalism, stupidity, rigidity and lack of common sense just boggles my mind.
Also, the quite a few of reported cases come from the region of Shekhawati in Rajasthan, a region known for also providing the largest number of people to the Indian Army (can't see any connection here or make a funny comment).

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Encouragement for obese men

All slightly obese men out there, if you have a slight amount of apprehension regarding your growing belly, this article should put your mind (and belly at ease).
Apparently, having breasts sightly smaller (or larger) than your girlfriend is not a bad thing after all.

Hitler's only ball

In the news, it has been confirmed that Hitler was monorchic i.e he had only one ball. Well, guess now I can't say "Hitler had balls".
Over time it has been established that Hitler was sexually abnormal and that probably he never consummated sex with anyone. Few theories floating around are, he had homosexual tendencies (as he spent a considerable part of his life with them), he had an incestuous relationship with his cousin, he had a relationship with a 16 year old child, he got off on peeing and stuff on women and various kinds of obscene, unpleasant theories based on some unverified, unreliable information.
Looks like he decided that instead of screwing woman the normal way, he is going to royally screw the world. And by God, did he succeed.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Requiem for a dream

One of the most disturbing and wonderful movie I have seen. Just re-affirms your faith in the beauty of life :P. Provides an insight into the minds of people and you connect more with them since you are more aware of their desires, motivations and limitations.
A must watch for it does not show you what you want to see but the truth.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bond.. the eternal charisma

A very noteworthy article on James Bond and Quantum of Solace for all the Bond fans. Love the part "Daniel Craig, the new James Bond, has many invigorating strengths, but I doubt that the ability to deliver a déclassé sexual pun with a twinkle in the eye, and somehow escape with dignity intact, is among them." Just my thought exactly. That was an art that Pierce Brosnan excelled in. I still distinctly remember the piercing glance that he gave to Denise Richards in World is not enough when she came out of her radiation costume in exceedingly hot hot pants and say in response to her cutting introduction -
That would be me, Dr. Christmas Jones and I don't want to hear any jokes.
- I don't know any doctor jokes

Friday, November 14, 2008

Before Sunrise..

It's ironic that I am at a loss of words at the end of such a dialogue driven movie. I just didn't want the movie to end. Why do movies have to end? Or more specifically, just in case Karan Johar decided to take these words to heart, why did THIS movie have to end?
Yes, it's fantastic to imagine that a girl you just met would get off on a random station with you, but then, isn't that what we go to the movies for. To extend reality to the point where it seems reachable while you are watching the movie, but as soon as you step out into the real world, you think "hmm.. can/will that ever happen with me".
Julie Delpy is beautiful in a sweet, exotic way that only french can be. Sigh!! The conversation is realistic and the ambiance perfect(it's Europe for chrissakes!). I was just mesmerized and intrigued by the intensity of dialogues. They seemed to be so philosophical in nature and profound in thought. Just makes you wish that you also had a greatest night like that where you were just together and discovering each other through soulful, intense conversation and even more intense kisses. Just walking around Vienna knowing that this is their only night together and that they might never see each other again.
At the station, when Ethan Hawke is about to leave, you don't want the movie to end as you are now a part of the two lovers who do not want the sun to rise. And when the movie ends, you feel emptiness around you, a sense of loss of a magnificent experience that just stimulated your mind and blew your heart away. A feeling of "are they never going to meet again. They were so perfect for each other". Of course the skeptics will say that such experiences occur only for a short period and it's impossible for them to stretch over longer periods of time say - your whole life :P.
Of course, they meet again in the sequel "Before sunset" (which I saw just after that), but this time the spark is there, the chemistry is there but just that they have grown older and well - things are not the same anymore and you just cringe at the thought of "what if they had never separated in the first place?"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Proud moment

Finally, a set of keywords put my blog on top Google search results. :D
Those keywords are " beating the bishop iit".
I find it hilarious that this set is so rare that it my blog is the first on search results. Kind of seems like one of the most popular activities on campus. :P
You can find the post Beating the Bishop- Cardinal Sin here.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I hate IIT

I hate IIT. I hate the fact that I have had to waste years of my youth on something that is so fucking brain dead. Why did I spend two precious years of my life in one of the best schools of the country doing absolutely nothing? I didn't attend school much or its classes. Didn't take part in any extra-curricular activity. So many opportunities of exchange programs, debates, quizzes, drama, sports, concerts, parties gone waste - and why?? Not because I wasn't interested. Maybe not one of the best that were there in school but certainly with a potential. There was no better school than that to explore myself.
Why didn't I try wooing a girl there when I had full two years instead of making attempts now at a 3 day college festival where I randomly decide on a girl to talk to and it never materializes into something. Why didn't I make friends there with whom I could have gone partying? Why didn't I go on a exchange program there when I had the chance? Why didn't I play for four years of my life, something which I loved doing? Why didn't I learn a musical instrument in school?
Ohh.. yes, I was too busy studying for one of the most fucking prestigious examinations of the country. For entering a place where you are allocated your branch not on your interest (Ohh.. no, at IIT they never follow the "do what YOU want to do" principle), you are allocated branch on your performance in an examination which never told you about your interests at all. The place which for reasons I cannot fathom is compared to the best in the world - though mind you- only by us. Not by anyone else. It's a place which subsidizes education to ridiculously low levels which is just pure stupid charity because none of its alma matter bothers to give a token as a symbol of gratitude. They come here to leave. They have no gratitude for this place. This place only gave them a platform that was much higher than those around us. It did not change them or make them better in an way. It was just there. A tunnel you have to pass.
We are part of this process because we have always been a part of this process. Ever since in school, we have followed a chain that decided our path for us. If you (un)lucky enough to be one of the (so called)bright ones, you are forced to tread an even narrower path. You do what the bright student before you did. If he joined some coaching, so do you. If he changed cities, so do you. Ultimately, if you are bright enough, you make it to the hallowed portals of IIT which are infamous for reducing your interest in academics to levels that no one deemed possible.
You are stuck in the narrowed path once again. To do something here that that helps you get the best job -again according to other people- be it very high CPI, your talent in something or some "managerial" post that you managed to get yourself by politics. If you realize that may be this place is not for you as you do not want to do any of that stuff, you are in the middle of a fucking bridge where you don't want to go forward as that's not where you want to go nor can you turn back as that effectively puts to waste your whole life and you don't know any other path to take if you go back. You would have known your path if you would have paid attention to yourself in the first place. I sometimes think that compliments and wishes given by your relatives/neighbors/random stupid people you don't know are a curse as they make you believe in that ideal that you feel you should live up to even if that's not who you are. Why the fuck should I do academics/science - just because I get good grades in it. Do I have to officially suck at something so that I then look for something that I am really passionate about. It would have been better had I not gotten such good grades in school. Maybe then I would have explored myself and found something that my heart wants. Maybe if hadn't started performing "averagely" in IIT, I would have stuck with this even though I wasn't happy. I would have gone on to lead a perfectly normal, average life that almost everyone who leaves from here does. A well paying job, a house, an arranged marriage and the brand of IIT on our back that automatically certifies that you should be worshiped by people who are enamored by it or be stereotyped as self-centered, stupid ass as most of the wiser people (specially girls) in other colleges do.
So how do I find my vocation? I don't know. I am as clueless as the guy who didn't do well in school and is now somewhere in some random college (note the condescending tone in my voice). And to top it all, I didn't have fun (fun that I wanted to have) in life. That fun now seems like a basic necessity of life. The mind always seeks to fulfill that requirement first. I am fucking 20 for God's sake. When is there going to be a time when I get to do all the things that I want to do? People tell me that you explore yourself and find what you want to do? I don't know. And that doesn't seem to be important right now. I am just going through the motions. After all, if I could resist every temptation that the city of Delhi was offering, I can certainly pass years yearning for those temptations without ever getting them. There is no purpose in life. Only the purpose of relaxing, something that is not on the bridge. It's there just besides you but off that bridge. You have to jump off the bridge to go there. But that's never gonna happen. Only when that happens in your life will you even think about the higher motives of life. Right now, everything is on hold. Except time..

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Obama has won the U.S presidential elections. I am glad. I have listened and read his speeches and he is one of the most brilliant orators I have seen. His ability to stir up something in the hearts of people and make them believe in themselves is exemplary.
Wish there was someone like that in India as well, who would remind us to cast our differences aside and realize that we are one nation, one country and one people.

Finally back to my room..

Ever since I have been back from vacations, I have spent almost all my time in the lab. This period in between Diwali and winter break is probably the most unpleasant phase ever. This semester I'm really feeling the heat.
With a couple of quizzes, an assignment submission and a project preview demo gone by,
I am still faced with a prospect of couple of more quizzes, couple of assignments, a project and of course the endsems about which I have no clue whatsoever.
Meanwhile, thinking about my winter vacations.
Don't want to go to Silvassa. Absolutely nothing to do there.
Want to go to Delhi but have nowhere to stay.
Dehradun is an option but can't stay there for too long as I want to practice ballroom dancing for MoodI.
Which reminds me: Anyone(female) knowing/interested in salsa and is interested in participation please contact me.
Random blog but I'm too sleepy to write more. Phew..