Saturday, August 3, 2013

Student Writing: Salman turns poetic

I visited the school after a long time. It was pure joy to see the kids again. They looked like they had grown up in the summers. The library is being managed well and the kids are still flocking to it.

Salman is one of the critically thinking students. His ideas and language have always been very interesting to read. During my stay, he demanded attention from me and secretly showed me the poem that he has written. The poem is presented here in its original form except some (not all) minor grammatical corrections.

Coming back to school

When the summer holiday ends,
I slowly walk to my school,
and thinking how will the day spend.

When I gone to the gate 
I realize that I am late.

I have a pretty teacher
that shouted at me like a monster

I have a helpful friend
that can't give me a single pen.

I have a tasty tiffin
which I lost and cannot be seen.

I had done the test
but does not do the best.

I have a respectful classmate
who teaches me with sofate. (He told me that this word means 'mockery or irritation')

My school day work like this way
which I don't see in holiday.

I think that this poem is brilliant. Knowing him and his family background, I feel there is so much sarcasm and satire in this. My favourite is the line about the (un)helpful friend. In fact, my friend and I had a debate about the underlying emotions in the poem. She feels that it's inherently a happy poem. Irrespective of who's right, it's fantastic that this poem leads to much discussion. It's such an excellent piece of work. 

In other news - this article and the documentary totally made my day. One should really subscribe to 'The Better India' for the frequent doses of good things happening in our country. It does it without being cliche or sentimental.