Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First party and police encounter in Europe

For the sake of holding my word, I shall not use the real names of other interns. Of course, it gives me creative freedom to come up with names.
Petrifinna Disturbson (from now on mentioned as PD)- not known for his oral skills unlike some similar sounding female artist in the opposite corner of the world - and I had been 3 days in Switzerland. The first three days had been a myriad of emotions ranging from awe, joy, delight, surprise, hope and excitement. We had been staying in a youth hostel till the time we could move into our student accommodation. It was really something to stay there.
Happenings ranged from hitting with my broken french on a runaway French girl who couldn't speak English while PD watched (we bumped into her boyfriend soon enough :( ) to gorging on the breakfast included in our stay to walking along the incredibly beautiful lake Geneva which makes you think that paradise is here to meeting this gang of high school kids and see the really hot make-shift photo-shoot in the hostel lounge by the girls there to meeting this guy who had been walking around Europe for a couple of years.
So the third day, PD and I say goodbye and are dropped to our respective student hostels. PD's Spanish roommate told us that there's a party there tonight. A surge of excitement rushed through us, after all, who doesn't imagine himself/herself in an European student party.
Afterward, I met my flatmates and it turned out that Guillem, from Barcelona was a real party guy and we decided to go out and have fun. There is beer, music and not-so-great-girls but everyone is having a great time. PD sees that everyone around is drinking and decides that now is the time for him to jump into the world of beer drinkers. Full of resolve, he goes and gets himself a can and says - 'kabhi na kabhi to peena hi tha'. After initial sip, he has a characteristic emotion on his face that shows that he is being made to drink some evil potion. After that, PD does not say a word in rest of the party.
At around 12, we decide to head out to the city center. PD is not with us as he doesn't have a bicycle. Last minute hurrying, catching the last metro and dragging our bikes into it leave us all a little out of breath. The disc in the city center is my first in Europe and it is pure fun. 3-4 beers down doesn't hurt as well.
Guillem and I decide to leave back by our bicycles around 3AM. It is all downhill up to our apartment and a chilly breeze is blowing. Riding down the slope, with cool wind blowing across you and cans of beer inside you at 3AM in Switzerland after just 3 days in Europe is a feeling that I cannot even begin to describe. And just then across the corner, there's a police car and police stops us at the traffic signal. The feeling that I mentioned earlier just evaporated on the spot.
He starts to speak in French. Guillem understands French perfectly and I a little bit but we decided to play it dumb. We both were like sorry, we don't speak French, do you speak English. Turns out that he could. FML.
We didn't have lights on our bicycle at night. I was like, aaj jail me bhi baithna padega kya!! But, thankfully, he didn't take breath analyzer test. Told us to go by the pavement and carry bicycle lights in the future (which we never did).
Both of us had a laugh about it after coming back. And so went my first party.


mayank said...

whoa dude.. thats waaaaaay more excitement in one night than we get during our complete stay in college!

neha said...

my love,
never realised you had the flair for writing. you could easily join the growing list of ex-iitians who write books about their iitian experiences which people buy no matter how similar they are.
only i daresay yours will be remotely cooler.

Reisender said...

Thanks for the compliment Neha. My chest swells with pride.