Saturday, October 29, 2011


Occasionally, we must keep doing things like this to reaffirm our belief in the awesomeness of our lives. - I say to Siddhesh sitting along the banks of Ganga after an exhilarating day.  'Rollercoaster' is the name of one of the rapids in Ganga. Other names include 'Sweet Sixteen' and 'Double Trouble'. We went through all :)

There were 7 of us there. After our first 3 eventful, transformational and intense months with our bunch of kids Suvidhi, Jessica, Anushka, Siddhesh and I really needed this break and we were out there in Rishikesh.

We camped along the beachy bank of Ganga. Toilets were a decent trek away and the urge was resisted till it was possible.
Tents, beds, beach volleyball and pretty good food - yes.
Sunshine - Err... Turns out that we were on the wrong side of the river. Camp 'Aayesha' opposite us was pretty sunny all the time. Stupid camp 'Aayesha'! Humph.

Rafting was an experience in itself. Tumultuous rapids and freezing waves hitting you in the face. The chance to lean over in the front and look ahead at the next oncoming wave was super.  We overcame grade I, II and III rapids. Then we did the 'Body Surf' which is the act of jumping out of the raft into the river.
Jumping into the icy water and floating around - fun.
Frozen feet, bruised fingers because of holding on to the rope on the raft - not so much.

Our rafting came to an end and we parked ourselves near the site of the 'Cliffjump' - jumping off a 20 foot cliff into the river. There was a maggiwala  there.
The sight of maggi at the end of the rafting session - mouthwatering.
Realizing that we don't have the money to pay - not the greatest feeling.

On seeing people jump, my new-experience-seeking-mind thought (as usual) - let's do this! 
The desire to jump of the 20 foot cliff into the cold water - adventurous. 
Freaking out (as usual) on reaching the top and looking downward - not so much. 
However, I did jump, primarily because of the organizer asking me to hurry up as there was a queue behind.  Split second after jumping I was - "Aaaaaaaaagghhhhhhhhh. Why in the world did I do this?" I was scared. I am sure my internal organs were not in their right place. Then I hit water. Definitely wasn't the most graceful jump or impact. 

All 7 of us jumped. Jessica overcame her fear of heights and jumped twice. The image of Anushka flying in space as she jumped (pushed actually) will never be forgotten. Neither will her swollen face.

Other assorted events that made up the thalo
Overhearing creepy sardarji's incessant phone conversation with his girlfriend - Amusing.
Watching him pose for (supposed) Kingfisher calender - not so much.

Chatting out in the cold with Siddesh and Suvidhi late into the night - Great.
Creepy, tip-desiring caretaker following us in the night - not so much.

The next morning, we decided to use the local transport to reach the bus stand.
Hitching a ride in the back of a truck - perfect way to sign off the adventure trip (or so it seemed).
The noise, jolts and bumps - could have been done without :)


inna sharanya chandrakanth rao said...

This sounds amazing! Really really amazing. Put some pics too :)

technoflirt said...

sounds like you had great fun :)

Anish N said...

Making the most of ur break, aren't ya, mate?

Sahil Patwa said...

Hey Must've been fun! we did it at beas and it was jsut amazing.

nice design template btw :)

TheTrooper said...

Why do you sound like a copywriter for Mastercard?!