Thursday, July 5, 2012

Terry-Pratchett go backpacking: 1-Snippets

During our summer vacation (perks of being a teacher), Tarang (hence referred to as TJ) and I went backpacking across Vietnam and Cambodia for 2 weeks. If you are confused about the title, read on - 

Velkommen Backpackers, Phnom Penh, Cambodia - 
TJ and I are sharing a dorm with a few British, an American and a Canadian. Inevitably, we ask each other's names. Tarang's name goes through many attempts of Traang and Taraang. One person asks if they can call him Terry. 
When it's my turn, they echo "Richard?"
Me - "I was born Hindu and in India. I am NOT Richard for sure." 
We go through a few more attempts until a close enough compromise is reached. 
One British - "You know, if put your names together, you get the name of a famous British author."
TJ and I - "Who?"
Answer - Terry Pratchett. Hence the title. 

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai - 
Our flight's departure is scheduled at 6:35 AM. While giving us our boarding pass, the girl at the counter asks us - "Please board the flight at 5:30 AM."
I raise my eyebrows - "Ek ghanta pehle kya karenge plane me!" (What'll we do one hour before?)
TJ - "Arey! Late jaayenge re." (Dude! We'll board late man.)
The girl looks at us and starts to say something that sounded like we would get in trouble etc.
I look at her, smile and cut her off - "You didn't hear that."      
Smoooth, right!

Despite our attempts to explore the closed stores and go late for boarding, we still manage to end up sitting and waiting for the boarding to start. As is mandatory for idle talk between men, it shifts to women. TJ is talking about one of his recent infatuations. However, all is not perfect with her. There's one minor glitch. 
TJ - "Arey! Uska head is to shoulder ratio ajeeb hai."  (Her head is to shoulder ratio is weird.)
WTF! These are going to be very interesting next few days. 

Air Asia Flight to Hanoi, Bangkok Airport
We are sitting on the flight to Hanoi at 5:30 AM. After spending 2-3 hours at the airport trying to keep awake I am rethinking our decision to book morning flights. Add the fact that we had to change flights because the first flight had some temperature issues and we are late by one hour at the beginning of our trip. Since I have decided to try and maintain a travel journal, I take it out. (I don't think I have written anything on it after we left Vietnam. So much for decision.)
Me - "Arey Tarang! Aaj subah kuch interesting hua?"  (Tarang, did anything interesting happen today?)
TJ - "Bandiyon se baat karne ki koshish ki aur nahin hui." (We tried to talk to girls but couldn't.)
Me, in a very matter-of-fact, nonchalant tone - "So anything apart from the usual?"

This trip holds much promise. Let's see if we do anything apart from the usual. Coming up on next few Terry-Pratchett adventures - Encounter with Vietnam Immigration authorities, Creepy white guy in Bangkok (not at all unusual) ...


Anonymous said...

The head to shoulder ratio funda is interesting. Would love to hear more on the same.

Reisender said...

You know TJ. Ask him if he cares to explain with context.