Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stealing Tarun's thoughts for my blog

Despite my strong desire, the high threshold energy required to create a blog post has led to no posts since Diwali last year. However, this time, I have the excuse to say that I have been busy, which has never happened before in my life (I know I have been a jobless bum these past years). Busy with teaching. Then busy with grading. Then busy with traveling (More on that soon). I know that a busy man finds time for everything but I am just inefficient. 
However, other people haven't been as inefficient with their time as I have been. They have managed to do and accomplish much more than I have and simultaneously, found time to pen down some very readable and thought-provoking stuff. 

Tarun Verma, a dear friend and colleague, maintains a blog regularly. His blog has pictures of his students and his classroom, his new ideas, his experiences and his doubts. His continuous strive for excellence and concern for his students stand out consistently. He really is giving his kids some incredibly powerful experiences and I hope I learn something from it. 

Somewhere he says, "The day I sleep well, I get up early and start my car to make the 25 min drive to school. Usually I'll play loud dance / rock music that thunders in the car. For me its like I am going to war each day to make sure I impart something to my students. Something that is useful and helpful. People ask me why I did not follow my Dad's footsteps in the Army. I think I did. This Army I am a part of will change India." 
While I have never thought about it this way, it is an intense way to think about the fellowship experience.

Sometimes he writes things which I haven't been able to form clearly even in my thoughts but make so much sense when I see it in print. 
One example would be - "I learn from the abandon the kids have, everyday. And realize how leading by example, they give me a shot at lessening my anger, increasing my patience and living each moment as it comes. I'll be a better man for this experience."

And really I wish I had written this - "And becoming a better person might be one of the most selfish reasons I am here. Though I am reluctant to normally admit it."

Keep up the good work Tarun!


Anonymous said...

Nice thoughts from Tarun. Now, how about yours Prachur.

meoww said...

i stumbled upon your blog on google when i was readin up on TFI.
i read quite a lot on their website. but i want to know a lot more and i felt a first hand account on the same would be great.
so puhleasee help me with it.
and yeah..keep up the good work :)


Reisender said...

Hi 'meoww' - Is there anything specific you want to know about? There are a lot of people who have blogged about their experiences in TFI. Tarun of course is one of them.

Tarun Varma said...

Hey Prachur! I just saw this! Wow, thanks. I knew you'd been reading the blog, never knew it struck a chord / rang true so hard across over to Mumbai. Looking forward to sharing much more in detail through the year and keeping myself updated with Mumbai and your class. I hear its the most efficient of 'em all around :)