Saturday, March 30, 2013

Student Writing: Muskan on 'our' library

I have had the joy of reading some of the best writing samples recently and I have wanted to put them up for a while. This is the hopefully the first of many in the student writing series. I have tried to present the piece in its original form except for some word corrections. There are some minor grammatical errors which I have kept intact. I have added some pictures as well.

A few weeks ago, Shruti (of the guest-author-of-the-previous-post fame) told a few students to write about the library. Muskan's piece, especially the opening sentence, blew me away. Its simplicity and expressiveness was completely unexpected. Here's Muskan in her own words talking about 'our' library.

Our Library

Our beautiful, little library with a small door painted in red colour above Mahalaxmi Dairy, is every child's dream come true. And it is located in Kamraj Nagar. 

Prachur Goel and Anish Nair, our Bhaiyas, started the library in September 2012. First, Bhaiya gave every student library pass. Our library is small but it is filled with books. Every book were keep in order wise on the shelf. 
Because in our library there are many shelves and one balcony. Library starts at 2 o'clock till 5 o'clock. And I had notice mostly girls come in the library to study. And generally girls and boys were interesting in puzzles. And I had also notice every time on Prachur Bhaiya's mouth there is motto for books. And the motto is
"Keep as it is."

Prachur Bhaiya and Anish Bhaiya and both Didis (Neha and Shruti) are in the library with many new Didis and Bhaiyas come from international countries to see our library and join us in studying. Every day we do something new in the library like brief description, talking about new arrivals etc. In library, my most favourite book is "The Banana Robber and other stories" written by Enid Blyton. 
But I dejected...

Her writing ends abruptly with "But I dejected..." On asking her about it, she replies that she intended to write about her Bhaiyas (which means us - Anish and I) leaving and leaving her dejected. She had left it for later but now wasn't interested enough to complete it. It's brilliant nevertheless. 

Upcoming: Amrita talks about her lunch with Salman Khan (my misgivings included).

If you would like to provide more books for Muskan and others to read, check out my wishlist.


Vishal said...

Got to visit!

Reisender said...

Please do. Kids love visitors. :)

The Illuminator said...

The first sentence is exceptionally well written for its complexity. I have had the privilege to do a reading comprehension with Muskaan and she is a gifted child. Glad she found teachers like you.