Saturday, April 6, 2013

Student Writing: Amrita's lunch with Salman Khan

The first student writing by Muskan was a super hit and received more publicity than the regular posts. 

Last month, the kids were supposed to write on "Lunch with a celebrity." 
First step, learn what a celebrity is. Then think about the celebrity you want to have lunch with.
I was in class when this was being done. The first response I get - Honey Singh. *Bangs head on wall* Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar were the winners by far with Dhoni being popular among the cricket enthusiasts. Anyway, there were some good writing samples. 

Amrita wrote about her lunch with Salman Khan which includes a foreign trip and other nice heroines among other things. Clearly, my realistic geography teaching has been chucked out of the window. I was pretty happy when I started reading it initially. However, I think I have become 60 years old when it comes to my children. For some reason, I got very protective. I was ranting on - "Is this how she really thinks? She is 11 years old! Why is she talking about make-up and boys?" 
That was until Shruti told me to shut up and stop acting like an overprotective father. I will like to point out certain bits that really made me nervous. As last time, I have tried to present the piece in its original form except for some word corrections. Minor grammatical errors have been kept intact.

Lunch with Celebrity

Hey! My name is Amrita Dinesh Singh. Can you guess what a beautiful thing happened on my last birthday? I got best and beautiful surprise on my last birthday. I had lunch with my favourite celebrity. The name of the celebrity is SALMAN KHAN. I was surprised, because he is so handsome, he had 6 packs (nervousness begins) and he jokes more. No one gets chances to have lunch with him.
But, I got chance to have lunch with him in USA. This is my first time to travel in aeroplane. I have to ready to go USA. I was afraid, because I didn't have new dress. All heroines helped me to find a new dress for me  in shop. But I don't like any dress. I was very afraid. And I was afraid that how will I get ready. I had request to the heroines to do my make-up. 

The heroines said that they will do my makeup. Then SALMAN KHAN (always in capital letters) come and give me a box. When I open the box, in the box, there is a new, pretty and beautiful dress. The colour of the dress is pink which is my favourite colour. I went to changing room and changed the dress and wore the new, pretty and beautiful dress. We went in the airport to take the aeroplane. When we got into the aeroplane, I was afraid because first time I'm going to USA. When we went to the USA we went in the biggest hotel of the USA. We ate the lunch and after lunch we traveled in train and saw all the USA. 

After we saw all the USA we came back to India. When we came back to India, then he take me to his studio. When we went there, then I saw that it was so dark. (I am almost sweating now and wondering what next). When I put one step in, then suddenly the lights switch on and I saw a big chocolate cake (Hallelujah! There are lights and there's a cake). Then suddenly all the heroes and heroines came and wish me 'Happy Birthday.' Then I saw that they had called my family (Everything's safe now that they are here). Then I cut the cake and give to everyone. And played games and dance on my favourite song. It was more fun and we enjoy it a lot. 

Everyone gave me gifts. And they also give me their autograph. And they take some photos with me. I was feeling so happy.

Looking at it objectively, it is a really good writing piece. I might be overprotective or crazy and that's probably the last thing I and people who know me would have expected but they are my kids.

Anyway, I can't find Swati's space adventure with Akshay Kumar. It'll be up if I do.


Vishal said...

Hi Prachur,

Just happened to stumble upon your amazing blog while surfing the internet for some TFI stuff. I would definitely love to visit your classroom and the library project.

If I am not mistaken, were you at the Pre-placement Talk by TFI at IIT Bombay few months back? I was there to hear Shaheen Didi's inspiring words.

Keep up the good work! Wish you good luck :)

Reisender said...

Hi Vishal. I wouldn't call my blog 'amazing' but thanks for everything.
And yes, I was at the Pre-placement talk by TFI where Shaheen spoke.
Wish you best.