Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jaane Tu...

I saw Jaane Tu.. during the holidays. Twice actually, in theater. However, thats not because I became a big fan of the 'romantic teen' movie. It's a light, happy film with an ending we all know before the movie has started. It's a decent watch and thankfully does not go off the track in between (goes a bit wayward but manages to hang on). The reason(s) why I saw the movie twice are two. I am not mentioning the first( my close friends already know that :P). The second reason is that I had met the cast of the film - all the snaps are there on facebook. The experience of watching a movie changes after you have seen the cast up close.
Genelia and Imran
Which reminds me to tell a lot of people the story of how it happened. As we all know (or some of us at least) that I was in Pune in my vacations. My bua lives in a posh colony and we had gone there to celebrate her birthday. Incidentally, and the cause of it all , Aamir Khan's sister also lives in the same building a couple of floors below my bua'a place. Jaane tu.. had just released and the whole cast was in town to promote the event. They stopped by Aamir's sister's house for drinks and dinner. Needless to say there was additional security in the colony and when they arrived, we could hear the commotion right up the 7th floor- where we were. My cousin and her friends rushed down like all (new) star-struck kids. So did my MOM!!! :P
I followed a long time later when my mother forced me to (not that I didn't want to in my heart but was acting nonchalant). Since they lived in the same building, all of them graciously invited us over. The first thing I notice as I enter is the shaven head of Aamir Khan. He is serving himself some biryani. Then obviously, the whole cast-each one of them looking much better than on screen.
Genelia and Imran with me
Seriously!! Genelia is looking really awesome and Imran Khan is looking really cute (my sister said that who almost fainted in my arms after getting his autograph which is her most treasured possession). I didn't know who Abbas Tyrewala was (for the ignorant- he is the film' director). Afterwards, I was told that the talkative baldie clicking away was him. Genelia was remarkable.
But, Sugandha was a revelation. Looking very classy and stunning. She was intelligent and easy to talk to. Oh Yeah.. she plays Shaleen in the movie- the girl with colored hair. In my second viewing of the movie, my attention was fixated on her rather than on the main leads. The rotdu of the movie was present as well.
A number of girls were there looking really delighted on seeing Adonis himself- Imran Khan. Their Pics have come out really nice. My sister is looking so gleeful. Almost satanic. I really tease her about it.
So thats all folks!! Hope your curiosity is satiated.

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