Friday, August 15, 2008

Giver of rain-Malhar!!

Yesterday went to Malhar for the 3rd year consecutively (without being a participant once again). To say the least, I was very disappointed on all accounts. The crowd(read GIRLS) wasn't that great. The participation in pretty much all the events was not really up to the mark. The organization was pathetic, rude and just plain stupid. I have pretty much gotten used to not knowing which path to take as some organizer is eventually going to rudely push me off it to some God forsaken path which takes thrice the time and energy to reach the desired destination. One thing which really attracts me to Malhar is the street dance which is probably their best event with everything you look for when you come to Xavier's fest. Due to the shitty disorganized management, I was actually and literally thrown out the college even though I had a VIP pass which technically should have allowed me access inside the foyer where I could have seen the dance sitting peacefully. Such is life (read Malhar).
It has been a downhill ride to Malhar in my experiences since the time I came here as a 1st year student, full of joy, expectation, hope, ambition and innocence :P. Our group had come with carefree abandon without even possessing the small scrap of paper which can gain you access inside the hallowed walls of Xavier's where the maidens reside. We stood in the line and saw some people being turned back due to lack of Pass or just plain whim. However, we decided to try our luck. We went there and told him as a matter of fact the name of our college. He looked incredulous and then asked us again. We gave him our ID's and he took them inside and out came 5 passes along with our ID's. We were impressed with the indentation that our institute inspired in inhabitants in this illustrious land ( YES, I can do a bit of alliteration). That was my best experience of Malhar, not to mention the extremely sweet sounding and pretty girls selling us their fest magazine.
I got through in my 2nd year by pretending to be a participant in some dance or dramatics event and moving in with my college's actual participants. That saved a lot of time that would have otherwise been spent in standing the commoner's line.
This time, I had to do exactly that. Stand among the plebeians and curse the security in charges. They are very particular about security. In fact, so much so that they took off the belt of a sophie and kept it saying that it's buckle was too BIG!!! LOL!! One can go on forever mentioning the acts of sheer stupidity that these people manage to invent by the dozens every year.

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