Sunday, September 21, 2008

Active weekend!!

After a full weekend at home, I am back in campus to be slaughtered for the coming weeks. I visited an old age home and was struck by the amount of sadness and cheerfulness at the same time in the place. There's something that stirs up inside you when you see a elderly person who has done and achieved a lot in his life, full of anecdotes, vivid experiences, memories and plentiful advice just reduced to a weakling in a tiny room, ousted from his own house by his own children.
I caught up with an old friend of mine, now in NDA. Just how different their lives are. Sigh!! You envy them and you feel sorry for them. Envy for the level of fitness they have and the uniform they are going to be wearing at the end of their tenure. I, on the other hand shall pass out as just another un-groomed, unfit, non-mannered engineer with a salary package to inflate my tummy and reduce the hair on my head.
Had dinner at Mainland China. A very fine place for chinese, though very heavy on the pocket. Had duck for the first time. Liked it!!
Saw "welcome to sajjanpur". Definitely a one time watch movie. Lots of social messages beneath the peals of laughter. Amrita Rao looks her best ever (personal opinion). Very cute and appealing. Loved the lyrics of the song played expressing the inability of Shreyas to express himself to her because of the circumstances.

"Man ki gali mein chor chhupa hai
Nisdin chaahe hai kya kaise bataye
Hichkichaye tadpa jaaye
Dil ki baaton ko hothon pe na laaye
Dil ki baatein jitni
Hmm.. aankhein kehti apni tu ban na paaye"

Have had similar feelings myself when have been unable to put my feelings into words, being too scared of rejection or maybe just apprehension. Nothing pinches your heart than the thought of "what if I had told her". Would something have happened. You shall never know and find out.
Another first for the weekend: came back via train on an unreserved seat. Went and took a seat in the reserved compartment and waited apprehensively for the rightful owner to come and claim his/her seat. Nothing happened and I fell into a deep sleep after the train started moving. However, it was too good to last. Barely, an hour had passed that I was woken up the man and his family. I got up quickly, conscious of neighbors watching me. Spent the rest of the journey standing. Sigh!!

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