Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome

After a lot of excitement, hoopla and hope that all my browser worries shall be laid to rest forever - not much to mention though - IIT splashes cold water over all of it. I can't install the Google Chrome while inside the campus :(
If anybody has managed to unlock the secret of this, please share.
Update: Yes, I installed Chrome using offline installer and yes I was very disappointed to discover that it doesn't work properly in campus. Thanks to all the people though who suggested it to me (but no use finally). :(


Anonymous said...

look for the offline installer.... and thy shall have peace for a moment.. cuz its not worth it..

- Brin

Reisender said...

The browser was not designed to work properly in the 'maiden neverland'. The firewall prevents the admission of everything fair and beautiful.


Avi....... said...

it opens things like orkut on my comp.. but the imges go beserk.. .. gmail doesnt open at al!