Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ponderings of the (un)troubled mind

Very recently, at our department freshie welcome, a professor when asked to say a few words managed to convey the following message across. I'm not completely sure whether this was intended as it was interpreted by me :P. But then, it's MY blog.
He said that our generation knew what we wanted (I'm sure he was speaking in terms of percentages) and worked hard to get it. According to him, we are working too much (don't we all agree). The society is exploiting us and making us work too hard. He told us that we shouldn't let ourselves be exploited.
Another favorite quote of mine that I frequently muse on is "This too shall pass". A very effective antidote to any kind of nervousness, tension, sadness or general frustration. Let's not get intimidated in any way by our circumstances.
Is this just a coincidence that all these thoughts rise to the surface only during the troubled waters of a mind plagued by the mid-semester examinations.
Today was my first mid-sem. Needless to say how it went. :)

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