Friday, November 14, 2008

Before Sunrise..

It's ironic that I am at a loss of words at the end of such a dialogue driven movie. I just didn't want the movie to end. Why do movies have to end? Or more specifically, just in case Karan Johar decided to take these words to heart, why did THIS movie have to end?
Yes, it's fantastic to imagine that a girl you just met would get off on a random station with you, but then, isn't that what we go to the movies for. To extend reality to the point where it seems reachable while you are watching the movie, but as soon as you step out into the real world, you think "hmm.. can/will that ever happen with me".
Julie Delpy is beautiful in a sweet, exotic way that only french can be. Sigh!! The conversation is realistic and the ambiance perfect(it's Europe for chrissakes!). I was just mesmerized and intrigued by the intensity of dialogues. They seemed to be so philosophical in nature and profound in thought. Just makes you wish that you also had a greatest night like that where you were just together and discovering each other through soulful, intense conversation and even more intense kisses. Just walking around Vienna knowing that this is their only night together and that they might never see each other again.
At the station, when Ethan Hawke is about to leave, you don't want the movie to end as you are now a part of the two lovers who do not want the sun to rise. And when the movie ends, you feel emptiness around you, a sense of loss of a magnificent experience that just stimulated your mind and blew your heart away. A feeling of "are they never going to meet again. They were so perfect for each other". Of course the skeptics will say that such experiences occur only for a short period and it's impossible for them to stretch over longer periods of time say - your whole life :P.
Of course, they meet again in the sequel "Before sunset" (which I saw just after that), but this time the spark is there, the chemistry is there but just that they have grown older and well - things are not the same anymore and you just cringe at the thought of "what if they had never separated in the first place?"


g2 said...

totally agree... one of the best romantic movies EVER!

have you seen before sunset ?

Reisender said...

ya.. have seen that too..
didn't you read the blog :|
The last para is about that only..

g2 said...

i have the bad habit of guessing the endings and I am always wrong (unless it is really badly written)