Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blasts in Mumbai again.. Leaders silent

Terror strikes Mumbai again. I am feeling so close to the Naseeruddin Shah in "A Wednesday". It is at times like these that people look up to their leaders with hopeful eyes, people that they have chosen and elected from many. We choose our leaders so that they protect us from harm, comfort us when we are tense, inspire us when we are downcast, calm us down when we are hyperventilating and fight for us when we are attacked.
At times like the present, a strong message from our leaders to these terror outfits, telling them that there shall be no rest till we have exterminated these parasites from our land and that we should not panic would have really brought a little belief and strength in the our minds which are right now wondering that - till when is all this going to keep happening to us. The answer is right there - till we let it happen. Till we don't send a strong message out there that nobody can do this to us and get away with it.
Update: The PM has just addressed the nation and told us to be calm and harmony so that these terrorists do not succeed in their nefarious design.
WTF! No mention of defeating them and prevention of further such activities. Few sons of bitches are killing my countrymen out there like dogs and I'm supposed to remain calm. Shouldn't I look up to my leaders for seeking revenge and protecting us.

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