Thursday, November 6, 2008

Finally back to my room..

Ever since I have been back from vacations, I have spent almost all my time in the lab. This period in between Diwali and winter break is probably the most unpleasant phase ever. This semester I'm really feeling the heat.
With a couple of quizzes, an assignment submission and a project preview demo gone by,
I am still faced with a prospect of couple of more quizzes, couple of assignments, a project and of course the endsems about which I have no clue whatsoever.
Meanwhile, thinking about my winter vacations.
Don't want to go to Silvassa. Absolutely nothing to do there.
Want to go to Delhi but have nowhere to stay.
Dehradun is an option but can't stay there for too long as I want to practice ballroom dancing for MoodI.
Which reminds me: Anyone(female) knowing/interested in salsa and is interested in participation please contact me.
Random blog but I'm too sleepy to write more. Phew..

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