Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sati still happens..

Its shameful to know that even after so many years of education and women empowerment, sati is still occurring in parts of our country. Who is blame for all this?
Renuka Narayan points out the guilty in this article that she wrote for Hindustan Times.
While reading through the article on Wiki, I came across this.
Apparently, Brahmin scholars of the second millennium justified the practice and it was lauded by them as required conduct in righteous women, and it was explained that this was considered not to be suicide. It was deemed an act of peerless piety, and was said to purge the couple of all accumulated sin, guarantee their salvation and ensure their reunion in the afterlife. The height of fundamentalism, stupidity, rigidity and lack of common sense just boggles my mind.
Also, the quite a few of reported cases come from the region of Shekhawati in Rajasthan, a region known for also providing the largest number of people to the Indian Army (can't see any connection here or make a funny comment).

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